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Jumpstart: Covid Jab


Given the recent push for mandatory Covid jabs, we have created the COVID-JAB JUMPSTART PROGRAM: SPIKE PROTEIN NEUTRALIZATION & LIVER DETOX. 

In this program, our goal is to use specific blends of healing herbs to “deactivate” or “neutralize” the spike proteins, while also supporting your liver with the foods that will gently help your liver detox (especially from toxic heavy metals). This program will also focus on healing food and herbs that will strengthen the immune system, nervous system, adrenals and more!

This 31-day program comes fully equipped with the plan, grocery list, recipes, and the herbs required to make herbal infusions during this month-long program. 

You will have access to the app where you will communicate with Coach Smile, daily, throughout the program.

You will also receive valuable videos from Coach Smile throughout the program, along with daily lessons that will teach you all about the food and herbs that we consume during this Covid Jab Jumpstart.

As a student of the Jumpstart program, you will be fully supported throughout this entire journey. Detoxing isn’t easy for most people—but it can be very mentally exhausting if you were forced into the jab— so having a daily support system by your side to help you navigate through this roller-coaster-ride of a journey, is priceless!

If you’ve recently been jabbed, or will be jabbed in the near future—and you need the support and guidance of a ‘results oriented coach’, I am here to teach you everything I would do for myself, if I had to have the jab.

If you have any questions, please email: