Customized Meal Plan & Herbal Infusion Strategy -- *SOLD OUT*

*Currently filling the waitlist for 2023!* — PLEASE EMAIL with "Customized Meal Plan" as the subject to to be put on the waitlist.


If you’re interested in getting to the root cause of your symptoms and conditions, The Smile Enthusiast offers a customized package that will:

 1. Help you put the puzzle pieces together. 

 2. Create a customized meal plan to support your current state of health. 

 3. Create a custom herbal infusion strategy to support your current state of health. 

If you have been on your healing journey for a while, and no longer feel as though you are moving your healing needle forward, let’s work together. Show me what you’ve done so far, and I’ll help fill in the missing pieces, and take you to the next level. 

If you are brand new to your healing journey—start yourself off by putting your best foot forward, and commit to your healing journey.  Please acknowledge that your healing journey will require an investment of your time, resources, and even patience—because healing takes time, effort, commitment, and dedication. 

Healing is a marathon, not a sprint—and it doesn’t happen overnight.  

You need 2 things to heal… 

 1. Knowing what the root cause of your symptoms and conditions are.

 2. Knowing what to do about it.

I have fully healed from SIBO, sinus infections, bronchitis, chest infections, gastritis, yeast, BV, painful and erratic periods, painful joints in my extremities, and a “mystery hernia” above my belly button. I even overcame an alcohol dependency!!

I work one-on-one with a handful of women everyday—teaching them a productive healing lifestyle that is geared to their own individual health issues. I don’t work to mask your symptoms with pills, like they do in the conventional world— I START at the root cause of your symptoms and conditions, and work to eliminate the problem!  This is how I am able to yield results for my students and clients. I go right to the source of the issues, and work it out from there.

What you will receive with this package:

🌈Initial video consultation (60 minutes)

🌈Customized meal plan

🌈Customized herbal infusion strategy

🌈One follow up video consultation (30 minutes) to answer all of your questions  (after you have reviewed your customized package)